These Statistics prove you need a responsive site

Mobile now accounts for more than half of all web visits and this rate is only going to increase in the coming years. Google’s ‘Mobilegeddon or mobile friendly’ update earlier this year meant non-mobile friendly sites are penalised for not being mobile friendly in search rankings. That means it has never been more important to have a mobile responsive site. If you need help convincing your CFO to release the budget to get a mobile responsive site, or if you are a manager who isn’t sure if they need to go responsive or not, take a look at this infographic which gives you some helpful stats to demonstrate the importance of responsive web design. Remember though, that responsive web design isn’t the only or necessarily the best mobile design option since Adaptive Web Designoffers benefits to larger companies who want to optimize content and design for different mobile and desktop platforms.


Thanks to Go-Gulf for publishing this infographic

Reasons for responsive web design

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