PHP is one of the most popular writing languages in today’s coding world. The reasons why, by latest statistics- it is preferred by 82% of the world’s web server software for its flexibility, database support, interactivity and abundance of Frameworks, that are easy to learn and can make the performance of your website lightning-fast. Thanks to their convenient file structure PHP frameworks give you the opportunity to organize your files and code and increase productivity.

Frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony 2, CakePHP and Phalcon give you basic tools and functionality you can use, but at the same time allow for the freedom to select and modify them in a manner directly corresponding to your needs and goals.

Based on SitePoint’s “Best PHP Frameworks 2015 survey”, Google and Github trends, and our own research for what our clients are using and looking for. Here are the hottest PHP Frameworks today.

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2015 Most Popular PHP Frameworks

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